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« on: November 07, 2014, 08:59:31 AM »
Just a question to those who might have a personal experience or owned a Labrador crossbred to a Rottweiler. I have been reading online about LabRotties, but I want to know from someone who has a personal experience of owning one. Kasi yung sa online puro assumptions na pwedeng ugaling Lab, or ugaling Rott ang dog.

I am about to adopt a LabRottie from a friend. 5 months old na ang pup. I haven't seen the puppy yet kasi nasa Tagaytay. Sabi nung may-ari playful like a Lab. Well, I think most pups are playful diba? But what I want to know is when it grows old, ano na behavior niya?

Is there anyone here who has/had a LabRottie? What is it like?

**Note: I tried to search the net, pero wala ako mahanap na personal testimonial. Puro galing sa mga veterinarians na hindi pa nakapag-alaga ng ganitong breed.

**Mods, if there is another topic like this, please merge. I tried the search box, but no results found. Thanks.