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carpal tunnel yung kailangan iwasan never had it pero yung mga nakakausap ko na meron masakit daw tlga
sorry for the late reply... will confirm the length... pero if my memory serves me right, it is a 20ft long snake cable....
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Guitar Central / Billionaire Pedals by Danelectro
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Have you seen/heard these pedals? Awesome tones and awesome prices. Sino ba distributor ng Danelectro dito sa Pinas? RJ? Lazer?

Pride of Texas OD - $79
Filthy Rich Tremolo - $49
Billion Dollar Boost - $58
Big Spender Spinning Speaker - $79 (I'm digging this pedal!!!)
Power Supply - $49

Ideal battery daw na gamitin dito ay yung Carbon Zinc battery (Eveready Black)...which Danelectro calls Vintage Battery. Noticeable difference daw kapag Alkaline battery (Eveready Gold, Duracell, Energizer) ang ginamit. So yung power supply nila is actually a case with 4 batteries in it.

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