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beauty in beer and other HOMEMADE BEAUTY RECIPES


hi! share tayo ng mga beauty recipes..
eto napanuod ko sa lifestyle nakita ko din sa net..
 tutal malapit sa puso natin ang beer, gamitin na nating pangpaganda..

Beer egg shampoo for more hair volume

1 tablespoon neutral hair shampoo
1 teespoon beer
1 yellow egg

mix the ingredients all together then used it as your shampoo. Leave 5 -10 minutes then rinse well.
Beer conditioner for shiny hair

1/2 bottle beer
1 litre lukewarm water
after you wash your hair with the shampoo rinse with this mixture

Beer face mask for dry skin

1 teaspoon beer (wheat beer)
1 mature avocado
1 tablespoon apple vinegar
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon almond or Jojoba oil
crush the avocado completely finely with a fork.
add beer, apple vinegar, honey and the oil to it
lay the mask on on the face and leave them approx.. 20 to 30 minutes

Beer cleansing water for greasy skin

2 tablespoon beer
1 tablespoon apple vinegar
2 drops of tee tree oil
fill this mixture into a glass with half filled water.
clean with a cotton pad with the mixture once a day

Beer face cream for pure skin

1 teespoon beer (wheat beer)
1 teespoon apple vinegar
2 tablespoon almond or Jojoba oil
mix all the ingredients


Wellness Beer bathe for a Relax feeling

2-3 bottles white beer (wheat beer) at a moderate temperature. bathe in it maximally 25 minutes and afterwards, dry carefully the skin. do not rinse off with clear water


Beer nail lotion for fragile nails

1 teespoon beer
2 tablespoon silicic acid
mix these with a lotion.
place it on nails 5 minutes daily then rinse it with runnning water.

Beer mouth wash for fresh breath (totoo kaya to? )

2 tablespoon beer
juice of a half pressed lemon
3 drop of tee tree oil
1/2 glass water
after brushing, gurgel it with this mixture about two minutes.
itaas mo! kampai!  :-D

ano pa mga homemade beauty recipes na pwede nyo i-share.para less gastos at all natural pa..  :-)

ako meron din...

drink 6 bottles of beer, tapos nun maganda na talaga yung ka-table mo sa beerhaus.... :-D


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