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FS> Guitar Gear
« on: May 20, 2017, 08:00:31 AM »
all second hand! RFS:upgrades!

Selling Peavey  envoy110
volume knob never got past 9 oclock only used in bedroom
condition is 9.5/10 no problems or malfunctions other than its age
Php 8.500

Selling Digitech Bad Monkey analog pedal
a week after buying this i switched to multifx, it has never seen a live stage in its life
no issues as good as new and with its box 9.5/10, discontinued manufacture

Selling Steve special F Spaced Dimarzio pickups
Stayed for awhile on my guitar when i was into heavy John petrucci-esk tones or other mid scooped tone before i decided
i wanted to switch to an EVO
9.5/10 no issues prestine
php 2.500

i live in makati i can meet up with you on Mrt ayala station but if its the Amp youre gonna have to pick it up
pm me if you have questions and requests
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