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Guitar Central / Re: The Philmusic Record of Most Re-Sold Guitar.
« Last post by analog.matt on Today at 01:21:13 PM »
usually mga ganyan hindi sinasabi in public.

word of mouth sometimes get around and ive seen peeps who try to sell their guitar pero year in and year out walang gustong bumili. it means the word has gotten around.

pero unfair naman sa ibang sellers / owners kung hindi naman totoo yung balita di ba? lalo na kung medyo tone deaf yung nagkalat. best is you go and try the guitars out for yourself.
Guitar Central / Is Taylor Swift REALLY the new Van Halen?
« Last post by broduo on Today at 01:20:39 PM »
Guitar Central / Re: Why My Guitar Gently Weeps
« Last post by broduo on Today at 01:19:53 PM »
Guitar Central / Re: The PRS Thread...
« Last post by Ben Tsing Co on Today at 01:12:33 PM »
IT IS!!!
I just went there myself and found out the prices are a steal.
26k-40k depending on the variant. :drool:

Too bad i got bills to pay  :eek:

Thats great news! Sana magkaroon na din ng stock dito sa Lyric SM Clark branch
nothing beats MS50G in versatility bruh IMO.

*small footprint. (size of a normal stompbox)
*new version updates
*lotsa effects that you may need if time comes
*good amp modeling patches
*still run in 9v.

cheaper version or copies may not satisfy your needs IMO. (kung meron man)

agreed. you can check out the stuff from NUX, but IMHO, mas reliable parin si ZOOM.
Guitar Central / Re: The Philmusic Record of Most Re-Sold Guitar.
« Last post by firemodel55 on Today at 12:59:49 PM »
That would be a dead sounding guitar.  I don't think anybody here will admit to even owning that guitar... heh heh.
Pinoydrums / Re: One cymbal setup suggestions
« Last post by Ralph_Petrucci on Today at 12:59:04 PM »
got these last weekend! now i understand the nuances of stick technique. of all my hats this one is what i would call versatile! very aggressive when bashed, but cleans up very, very nicely. mukhang matututo ako ng stick response and dynamics dito!

13" m series medium hi hats!

awesome bro! :) experiment din with different stick tips. personally, I like the jazz/round tips better than the normal bean/oval shape.
parang sa movie na Delivery Man.
depende sa usapan pre.

yung listahan ng mga apo ni Ramon Revilla, naka excel tracker yun. yan kay Nigel, puro panganay pa lang.

ah malupit nga to kung puro panganay. pero yung kay Agimat nasa 88 ang anak di ba?
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