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Activating/Reactivating your PM account


All users should now "activate" their account before being able to post. This simply means that you have to confirm that you are using a valid email address.

To activate your account, simply follow the instructions sent to you via email.

If you lost your activation email, you can have it resent here:

You can retrieve your password here:

Hi Guys,

I've been receiving numerous issues in regard with account activation/reactivation recently. If by any chance you did one of the following:

* Created a new account
* Changed the email of your current account
If you haven't received any activation email, here's what you could do:

* Follow chette's instructions as aforementioned.
* Wait for the email to arrive, give it at most an hour or so.. patience is a talent!
* Check your spam folder. It might have been re-routed there.
* Exception: if you haven't received your activation email within 48 hours, I am hereby granting permission to have the user create a new account, only if you can't reach any of the mods outside of PM. We'll activate your previous/initial account by then and deactivate your secondary account afterwards.
Please be advised.


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