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I'm looking for a classic guitar tutor who can visit me once in two weeks.

I prefer a female tutor who can teach and leave home work that I can practice for the next session.

I'm not complete beginner as I finished basic lessons and I've been playing other types of guitars.

The lesson place will be Fort Bonifacio and we can discuss about the rates and times.

Please PM me.

Thank you! 

Looking for a guitar teacher around boni/Cybergate towers. Intermediate to advanced level.

I know some theory, but lacks in hand/finger techniques.
Send me a message: 09156874263.

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Looking for a guitar advisor for a product i am developing for guitar teaching,  I would need your professional advice in developing a prototype for my product, you would need to sign a nda other than that we will speak through skype (im in canada at the moment)

Please message me with your consulting fee thank you in advance mga sirs


I've been learning bass mostly off online tabs. I now need some tuition on bass theory/scales, etc so I can move to the next level of playing.

Any bass teacher out there who can offer private lessons in Makati?

If so, I can be reached at 0915 309 1514 or 0925 857 6450.

Bless, Mike B.

Posting for my guitar teacher:

Butch Calmerin

JammerX Studios
905 Timog Street
Brgy Barangka Drive
Mandaluyong City
Cel No: 0919 270 5696

He teaches basic music theory, scales, and techniques. If there is any particular style you are interested in, you could discuss it with him and he will design your lessons accordingly.

Sample video:



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