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Have you ever tried surfing the deep web??

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Well for me, i have tried surfing thru my iphone4s and to my surprise
There are interesting out of this world websites here that the
Outer world dont know. I like surfing the deep web because i want
To learn black hat hacking. if you want to surf the deep web.
Just download the onion browser to your laptop or ios device i just dont know if
Android devices has an onion browser.

Just google onion browser and download it. Its free! I think its only 20mb in size.

You can see a list of hidden websites here

Tor browser, slow as hell. You can find a more legit sources for hacking out there other than the deep web.

nakagamit ako ng tor wala ako makita.


--- Quote from: mozart123 on April 02, 2016, 07:29:02 PM ---nakagamit ako ng tor wala ako makita.

--- End quote ---

this might help  :wink:


eto parang review channel sa youtube ng mga deep web sites


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