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Salamat po ng maraming marami. Nalinawan na po ako. :) salamat sa mga sumagot at tumulong. I hope to learn more.
The Photography Forum / Re: Post your photography!
« Last post by randymarsh on Today at 07:51:42 PM »
Messier 8  :-D

M8 and M20

Motorists Alert: Skyway users from South may now exit up to Java Street, Makati City
The Photography Forum / Re: Post your photography!
« Last post by danielygo on Today at 01:39:10 PM »
Nikon D810, 50mm f/1.5G

Classifieds: Pro Audio Gear / LF MIDI cables
« Last post by alvincflorentino on Today at 10:30:11 AM »
Anyone know where I can buy ready made MIDI cables? I'm from QC near Timog. Thanks. 09063156644.
Ernie ball 9 -46 para sa isa ko pang baby,
joyo mini tuner ( nag aadik lang, di ko talaga alam bakit ako bumili nito ) ,   :lol:
Crown PA 1230 speaker ( for my DIY guitar amp cab )
Guitar Central / Re: Les Paul Club Thread
« Last post by trees on Today at 02:38:52 AM »
OBG Les Paul Custom and Gibson Les Paul Traditional Mahogany top

The 1959 tribute pups is really clear to my ear compared to the stock bridge OBG gibson pup and the BKP crwaler neck pup...

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