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Guitar Central / Re: Sterling by MusicMan guitar users thread
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Guitar Central / Re: HEADRUSH GIGBOARD
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Guitar Central / Re: The Magical 2% of Electric Solid Body Guitars
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I once sat down with all the employees in one of the popular guitar stores in Melbourne CBD.  It was a slow day for them and I was free and I knew all of them. It was a modern guitar store.

after the conversation warmed up, I asked them point blank:  lets get serious now. I know you are all working musicians. you play when you're not here and you've been working at this store for many many years. we all know by this time in our lives
what a good Les Paul sounds like. So let me ask you this. how many Les Pauls have gone through your hands that sounds close to the real deal, or close to what we hear in the famous records we love and cherish?
don't lie to me. we're just the only ones here. no customers. you know what im talking about: the bloom, the chirp, the dual tone blah blah blah, you know what I'm talking about.

then one of them answered: I've been working here for more than 8 years. none of the modern les pauls. and I've handled a lot of special orders from the Gibson Custom Shop. the really high end ones.
the ones you have to wait for quite some time before they arrive. from all those orders I had made,  there was only ONE that passed through our hands. it was really gorgeous. and it sounded like what a les paul should sound like.
when you hear it. you'll know right away that IT IS A LES PAUL. no questions.   and all the sales men nodded. the guy then said, ask these guys, there were there too. they got to play it.

so i tried to make sure I heard him correctly and asked: so that's the only one? only one? nothing after?

he said. "nothing"

so I joked, "whoever that guy is, he's one lucky guy then"

they all reacted, "well hell yeah! when you hear that les paul, you'll know "its the one"

the reality is, music can be enjoyed at any level. its just that the quality we want to have depends on us -- nasa atin to set our priorities and set where to tow the line.

accepting the truth will set us free.

Music can be enjoyed at any level.

Let that sink in, digest it.

Since the dawn of man sounds enchanted, visions honored in sonic ritual chants, strings resonated, sonatas were composed and not a custom shop in sight.
Kalusugan, Kakisigan at Kaayusan / Re: Philmusic Vapers!
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Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FS: RJ Bluesbreaker Les Paul
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@ emil_murillo: Sorry sir, negative.. I'll try 2SK117 in the meantime..

type mo ba ang J202 for replacement? it's a little higher lang naman on cut-off voltage & voltage drain current (0.5V-2.5V ↔ 0.7mA-3.5mA) & yun lang doble ang transconductance (1000 umhos).. dami silang stocks niyan.. i have these specimens though ▼

PM me pls or shoot me an email at

Classifieds: Guitars / Re: FSO Fender Mexican Cabronita 30k
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