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Online Gig at the Online Theater
« on: September 24, 2000, 11:49:08 PM »
To all PhilMusic members:

This thread is to shamelessly promote my online shows. :-) A Filipino theatrical production that you can experience online for FREE!

I'm a musician/composer/storyteller/writer and would like to share my creations -- currently featured at the "Lakbay Buhay Online Theater"  (URL below).

The theater is a virtual playhouse I constructed to showcase two of my original musical plays called "Lakbay Buhay" and "The Devil's Workshop" (music genre: combination of pop, rock & reggae)

Thank you for your kind attention and support.

Gene Guanzon

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Lakbay Buhay Song Demos
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2000, 03:16:02 AM »
I just discovered that I could actually link my demo songs directly into this thread. If you have an MP3 player, the links below should automatically stream the songs.  Just click on the song title.

1.<a href="">Sandali Lang</a> (pop)

2. <a href="">Totoo Ba Ang Pangagrap</a> (reggae)

3. <a href="">Ang Lahi Mo</a> (rock)

All songs composed and performed by Gene Guanzon and are part of the musical play Lakbay Buhay currently featured at the site below.  Did I mention that it's FREE? Well, it really is! :-)


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A Halloween Treat!
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2000, 10:34:52 PM »
Hello again!

Click on "The Devil's Workshop" link below to experience a chilling musical play about how the devil works in deceitful ways.  The play contains 4 scenes (narration) and 3 songs. It will automatically stream the MP3 files right on this thread (requires an MP3 player).

<a href="">
<font color=red size=5> The Devil's Workshop </font></a>. <- <blink>Click</blink>
<font color=red size=2>(Parental Advisory)</font>

If you like, you have my permission to spread the horror in time for Halloween! :-) Below is the actual link.  It can be copied and pasted into an email message (or any web site) for distribution.

If emailed, the recipients will be able to listen to the entire play right from the comforts of their email inbox.  It's FREE! All I ask is that you include me in your distribution (

If linked in your web site, please send me your URL so I can link to your site from the theater.

Try it out! :-)

Advance Happy Halloween,
<a href="">Lakbay Buhay Theater</a>