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manifestations by fs&c FREE DLOAD!
« on: September 11, 2008, 11:18:48 PM »
We wish to thank everyone who have downloaded/listened to THE MANIFEST TRILOGY. and judging from yer response its been pretty heartwarming, encouraging and awesome indeed. the only problem now is how to top this the next time around:-)
well, for now we're planning to reconvene our electro-grind project
FFF (, which is more convenient and albeit therapeutic in more ways than one, so we'd be able to blow some steam off so to speak, hehe. hopefully, we'll be able to finish and release a coupla tracks by halloween:-) and come november, we're gonna get back to doing more singles as fs&c, complete with obligatory remixes as expected:-)
so again thanks y'all, and for those who just woke up and who just read bout this now?! well, it aint too late you can still download the entire trilogy (links below).
cheers and beers y'all!
boing and jem



MANIFEST STATIONS 3.0 (THE REMIX SESSIONS) feat. remixes by blender,aljared,lightsleeper,never forget the cause, dj smoka, and pusherman

pls visit our offical site for various links, featuring our mp3s. Ayos:)<br />