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A GUNFIGHTER type of keys player.
Good pianist and synth soloist. Creative.
Knows arrangement. Can sing back up a
big plus. Melodicly open minded. NON PRO
but has talent. Passionate about music.

I have formed a 4-piece band. 2 guitars, bassist and drummer.
I'm the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. I have lots of material but
would like to write with a keys player and other members of the band.

We play a kind of Pop-Rock that crosses over many different genres.
NOT showband music. OPM. Slow and Fast. Light and Heavy.
Diatonic and Chromatic. Naturally Catchy POP melodies.
Kick ass guitar, bass and off course keys solos.
Drum fills and some fancy grooves. NICE melodic guitar lines and keys lines.Easy numbers and hard numbers, some quite challenging for the fingers. NO Odd Time I'm afraid. If there was, the music wouldn't be pop.(laughs ) NOT prog-rock. Cross-Over Rock, or Multi-Genre Rock is more like it. That's what i would call it.

Band's Musical Philosophy:
Song First, Chops second.

The music is not just a bunch of chords strung together and played
like jingle song hits. There is room for musical arrangement and dynamics. But It's still Melodic Modern Rock n' Roll played with passion and conviction.


Can attend saturday morning rehearsals.
And late gigs. Has a "nice" keyboard.
And can bring own equipment to the practice
place. There's a keyboard at the jam place
but better if u bring your own.
I mean if you treat your music and band seriously
why wouldn't you bring your own.
We practice at the drummer's place.
Nice cozy space. We have nice guitars
and other gear too. Within Pasig and Quezon City
resident a big plus.

Lastly, also very important. A nice guy. Like all of the
guys in this band. Good natured.
We're expecting someone who
will be "there" for the band. Not just a session player.

Goal of the band is to get signed and get payed well for doing
the music we love. Showing off doing solos and having laughs
along the way. Playing nice catchy music. This isn't for fun only,
as Dr. Jones once said, "fortune and glory kid, fotune and glory..."

I'll tell you one thing, you won't be in this band for "effects"
only. You won't waste the chops you woodsheded either. If you
have it, we'll use it. The more genre's you can play the better.
The band is there to fulfill each members musical perversions.
Let's do it. ( laughs )

PM for an interview and possibly a trial jam.
See you soon.

Don't be shy. We aint virtuosos or anything. But we try to play our instruments well, with a touch of Rock N' Roll recklessness.
We play it a bit loud.
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Pumping music, sex and iron...
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Pumping music, sex and iron...