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The Sound
« on: February 25, 2002, 03:53:15 PM »
    Shock of daylight & heads and hearts
    (locally unreleased/RENASCENT 1996)

   " One thousand reasons to stay
     One thousand reasons to come away
     One thousand reasons to hold on to
     What you have got in this life anyway"

A friend of mine lend me a copy of an album of this "undiscovered British band of the 80's." Listening to THE SOUND  brings me back the memory of WXB era. If not for the songs COUNTING THE DAYS & of course the classic  TOTAL RECALL, this great band would have been a total oblivion to some. A great compilation of their best two albums from the early 80's. Choice cuts are GOLDEN SOLDIERS, COUNTING THE DAYS, WINTER, A NEW WAY OF LIFE, DREAMS THEN PLANS, TOTAL RECALL, ONE THOUSAND REASONS, RESTLESS TIME, MINING FOR HEART, TEMPERATURE DROP, & STEEL YOUR AIR. All in all this compilation contains 6 tracks from Shock of daylight, 11 tracks from heads and hearts and 2 bonus tracks; a total of 19 songs for your listening pleasure. Songs that talk about one's conscience, one's love, hate misery, and another man's journey to separation. Great music dedicated to all true believers. Great songs, Adrian!           

by Edward Moon

(originally posted for MICROWAVE MUSIC PRODUCTION 2001)
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