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Re: Put Your Bio here! ! !
« Reply #750 on: October 29, 2017, 10:40:58 PM »

Name: Joseph Vedua

Age: 26 plus 10 years na sheyt tanda na

Occupation: Software GUI Designer now a Sr. User Experience Designer

Location: Taguig City

Years of Playing: Piano (9 Years) Guitars (7 Years, Started it Seriously 5 years) nooob!! - plus 10 years na hehe

Guitars: Mexican Standard Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone LP Standard, J. Hu ES-335, Yamaha FG200D - all gone..

- Micsis TeleStrat hybrid, 57RI MIJ Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul copy

Amps: Marshall Valvestate 8040, 8080 with reverb, Behringer 15w Practice Amp, oldschool Hotcabs with Chorus and Reverb

Strings: 9/42 Gauged Fender Bullet Strings and Ernie Ball Super Slinky - Elixir Optiweb 10/46 (Strat/LP), 9/42 (TeleStrat)

Pick: Ernie Ball and Fender mediums

Strap: Ernie Ball, Fender and a leather one I forgot the brand

Effects: BOSS DF-2, DS-2, Boston EQ200 FZ-2, BF-2, Morley Wah

- EMMA RF2, VOX-V847 Wah, MXR DynaComp, MXR Phase 90, BOSS DD3, NUX TimeCore, Digitech TRIO, Mooer Micro Looper

Next GAS: TeleMaster and a nice Tube Amp

Currently Listens to: RHCP, John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars hehe.

fotah tagal na nito ah hahah.. iupdate ko lang

fotah tagal na nito ah hahah.. iupdate ko lang

update lang ulit  :cool:
imma badass!! <funky guitar rift>

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Re: Put Your Bio here! ! !
« Reply #751 on: October 30, 2017, 06:44:59 PM »
Name: Leo Diaz

nickname: wala e 3 letters lang name ko eh

Age: 24 Damn. 35 na ako.

Origin: Filipino

Years of Playing: 11 years nag off ng 6 mos dahil sa billiards plus 3 years, i stopped around '09 to do other things and slowly going back to playing.

Guitars: RJ strat copy ventures 60's floyd air zone bridge picups, zoom 606, fender squire american standard vintage white Fender Tele MIM plugged into iRIG2 and iPhone 6.

Amps: matrix (huh? nu un?) - i dont even have an amp.

strings: ernie ball 9s - Ernie ball 10s.

Effects: Zoom 606 - nada

Currently Listening: JOhn Petrucci, Steve Vai, Francis M Yngwie Malmsteen come to think of it im still listening to the same artist with the addition of Charlie Puth. lol

Favorite licks: ung lick ng sweep major scale anything Mateus Asato
GAS Free 2007
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Re: Put Your Bio here! ! !
« Reply #752 on: November 21, 2017, 06:12:07 PM »
Name: Classified  8-)

nickname: Super Classified  8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Age: 27

Origin: Filipino

Years of Playing: almost 10 years pero hindi tuloy tuloy haha, kpag sinipag lang or kailangan tugtugin sa banda

Guitars: SX Telecaster Thinline, Ibanez RG1570MB (modded), Ibanez Egen18TVF

Amps: yung yamaha na 15w haha

strings: ernie ball super slinky

Guitar Pick: Tortex Green

Strap: DiMarzio ClipLock

Effects: Line 6 HD500X (boxed), Ibanez TS Mini, Golden MarkV Shredhead, Zoom MS50G, BOSS PS-6 Harmonist - MXR Phase 90 Script, GT2 SansAmp, Cabalen Delay and Cabalen Distortion..

Currently Listening: Save me hollywood, Visual Kei Stuff

Favorite licks: anything that i can do under Minor Pentatonic (i know, i know... I'm a slacker so...)
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