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Fund Raising gigs for Annabel Bosch.

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This is a call to all musicians and gear heads. Annabel bosch (singer of 90's band electric coolaid and Analogue) has aneurysm and has undergone an operation.  Gigs will be held for raising hospital funds (she needs about 1M).

January 9. Saguijo Cafe. Guijo St. Makati. 

If you guys have time and a little extra cash...visit any of the gigs. 

blue buddha:
It's all about musicians helping musicians.

In addition to the Saguijo gig, we invite y'all to drop in on Hobbit House this Saturday, 10 January, from 8pm onward and partake of some blues to help her through this grave challenge. Many of her friends, admirers, and musicians she played with will try to bring down the house for her. The menu:

Jook Jam with Deltaslim, Blue Jean Junkies, The Blue Rats, and Cocojam join Bob "Blues" Magoo, The Doctor, and Hobbit House to present BLUES FOR OUR MUSE along with other special guests and jammers.

P300 at the door (and whatever else you may care to contribute to Annabel's fight), 100% of which goes directly to her huge medical expenses.

Come help us help ourselves.

Hope the other fundraisers will also post gig schedules on this thread.

blue buddha:
Let's try this again.  8-)

For more info:
Here's the list so far...

Schedule of Gigs:

7 Jan, Wednesday - Mag:Net HIGH STREET
Tropical Depression, Cocojam, Coffeebreak Island, Hinlalato + more!
contact: or 0927.412.1084
P200 Entrance

9 Jan, Friday - SAGUIJO
Sandwich, Pupil, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, South Superhighway, Top Junk + tarot readings by Karen K. + more!
9.30pm, entrance P100

9 Jan, Friday - CHECKPOINT, Bicutan
Playphonics, Kjwan, DRT, Razorback
9 pm, P200 Entrance

9 Jan, Friday - TEN 02
Noel Cabangon - Johnny Alegre (Affinity), Akasha (Mar Dizon, Henry K., Dave Harder), Lynn Sherman and Skarlet, Balooze (Ricky Gonzalez’s jazz quartet), Corporate Lo Fi, Helen, Reklamo, Color It Red, Ms. Emee Fortuno (wife of the legendary Ed “Bosyo” Fortuno)

10 Jan, Saturday - HOBBIT HOUSE
Jook Joint (featuring Delta Slim), Blue Jean Junkies, Blue Rats, the Jerks, K.O. Jones, Coco Jam
8 pm, P300 entrance

11 Jan, Sunday - 19 EAST, Sukat
Playphonics, Wally Gonzales, Kjwan, DRT, Razorback
8 pm

14 Jan, Wednesday - TEN 02
Classic Rock Night for Anabel
DRT, Kjwan, The Dawn(tentative), Playphonics and Razorback

15 Jan, Thursday - TEN 02
Reggae Night for Anabel
Reggae Mistress, Spy, Coffee Break Island, and many more

15 Jan, Thursday - ROUTE 196
The Ronnies, Bagetsafonik, Analog with Waya Gallardo on vocals, the Late Isabel, Slave Drum, Pedicab, Imago. Robert Alejandro, graphic artist and poet will also be doing portraits.
contact or

19 Jan, Monday - ROUTE 196
Ciudad, the Jerks, Blue Jean Junkies, Kaktooz
contact or

20 Jan, Tuesday - CONSPIRACY
Romancing Venus poets + more!

21 Jan, Wednesday - CLUB DREDD
Anabel's Birthday Gig!
Romancing Venus poets (Karen Kunawicz, Kooky Tuason, Ginny Mata, Raul Roco Jr., Charms Tianzon, Nina Terol, Megan Aguilar), Kenyo, Joniver Robles, and acoustic sets

31 Jan, Saturday - CONSPIRACY
Mike Unson live, feat. Uli Oposa & Stanley Chi, with special guest Charms Tianzon
9 pm, P100 entrance


--- Quote from: dread@thecontrol on January 05, 2009, 07:10:22 PM ---
10 Jan, Saturday - HOBBIT HOUSE
Jook Joint (featuring Delta Slim), Blue Jean Junkies, Blue Rats, the Jerks, K.O. Jones, Coco Jam
8 pm, P300 entrance

--- End quote ---

Correction lang po... it's "Jook Jam" not "Jook Joint".  Thanks!

UP for Anabel!


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