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"Pink Bullets" by The Shins (rebeltube's review)
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The Shins began in 1997 as a side project by James Mercer, they gain a much wider audience when in 2004 their songs "New Slang" and "Caring is Creepy" (From 2001's "Oh, Inverted World) was featured in the Zach Braff's film "Garden State".
They followed it up with 2 more albums, "Chutes to Narrow" and "Wincing the Night Away".

Chutes to Narrow is my favourite from the three, it features new musical approach, great lyrics and production. One of my favourite song in that album is "Pink Bullets".
You may not notice it when you first hear or read the lyrics but this song is a... love song. Not you typical "straight forward, overproduced, lyrically overused" love song... nope!
The title may not make any sense to you but Pink Bullets is a "Metaphor" for Pain of Love. Pink symbolizing love and the bullets being the death of love.

This is about 2 people who falls in love when they first met ("When our kite lines first crossed
We tied them into knots")... the first line describes how we was cold and not lively/sociable back then before he met her. ("I was just bony hands as cold as a winter pole ")
And how he finally found someone good, but eventually lost her (" young timid fingers held a decent animal")

The chorus describes of how beautiful the relationship was then, that nothing can break them apart.

("Over the ramparts you tossed
The scent of your skin and some foreign flowers
Tied to a brick
Sweet as a song")

but then years past and everything is falling apart, that's why they both decided to sever that ties
and in order to do that they have to completely cutoff that relationship between them.

"And finally fly apart
We had to cut them off"

this is my favourite line... ("Since then it's been a book you read in reverse
So you understand less as the pages turn")... He's saying when he looks back now, he doesn't understand why he let it happened.

the next verse is saying how he doesn't want to look back, but the memory of the girl makes him feel warm inside.

"But your memory is here and I'd like it to stay
Warm light on a winter day"

Most songs written are about love. I think The Shins have the most amazing and original ways of presenting love songs. they write about the different levels of love and human connections made at different ages. i love them for it.

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