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New album by LIFTOFF
« on: March 13, 2002, 01:30:47 AM »
Most of my life I have favored the blues, certain jazz flavors, down-home country and the vast genre known as world beat. I’ve collected classical and fantastic folk from everywhere. Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Chris Rea, Chris Isaacs, and literally hundreds more are as diverse and impossible to categorize as it gets and I love them. The point is – I have never embraced much of the music that emerged from the eighties. Sure – I can be caught dancing to the odd tune now and then; and to be truthful – there was a lot of good stuff that was created in that decade. But most of it sounds more like the categories above rather than that fierce, angry, redundant, generic, and usually just plain noisy sounds from that period. I have always shied away from that experience. Preferring less anger generally.

I have recently encountered a sound that challenges my position.

If you care to listen...