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True Health, True WEALTH
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In 1992, a microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Myron WEntz started a company dedicated "to manufacture the highest quality nutritional products without compromise."

The company he created, USANA Health Sciences, is voted the #1 "Distributor's Choice" by readers of Network Marketing Today: The MLM Magazine - for ten years running!

1. An Unquestioned Devotion to Quality.

USANA products are formulated and manufactured to standards that exceed many nutritional products on the market.  many doctors, health professionals and world-class athletes trusts their health to USANA.

2. A World of 'Seamless' Opportunity.

17 years, 15 markets, and more to look forward to!  USANA pays on sales volume generated worldwide in a single, seamless commission plan.  With markets opened, and others to come on stream, USANA offers the rare combination of a proven record of internatonal success and vast opportunity for growth.

1992 - US
1996 - Canada
1997 - Caribbean
1998 - United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand
1999 - Netherlands and HongKong
2000 - Japan
2002 - Taiwan
2003 - Korea and Singapore
2004 - Mexico
2007 - Malaysia
2009 - Philippines

3. A Global Family that cares.

Led by its founder, Dr. WEntz' passion for helping children in need, the USANA family has contributed US$2.447 Million to the Children's Hunger Fund since 2001.  Through these donations, children in many poor areas of the world recieve food, health and love.

4. A Pay Plan that Builds Real Residual Income.

Many Network Marketing opportunities pay a lot to the fortunate few at the top of the hierarchy, and set high demands that the average person has little chance of attaining.

The USANA pay plan is unique in its transparency, fairness and 'doability'. 

5. The Enviable Record of Financial Strength.

People choose USANA for peace of mind - knowing that the company has the resources to pay them true residual income. 

Few network marketing companies show as consistent a growth, or as stable a financial position, as USANA.

*Listed on the NASDAQ, USANA is a member of the Russell 3000 Index and S&P Small Cap 600 Index.

*The Company is debt-free and record consistent sales and profit-growth.

*Business Week ranks USANA no.3 among its "100 Hot Growth Companies" of 2005.  No direct-selling company ranks higher.

*Forbes ranks USANA no.5 on its 2005 list of "200 Best Small Companies" in America.  Again, no direct-selling company ranks higher.

"(Our list)... features solid and consistent hitters that have performed well when measured over the last 12 months and the past five years, and are poised for another growth spurt."

More information is available at or txt me at 09157510830 - this is your chance for financial freedom - no matter what you do, people around you will be a part of this - \m/

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