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The UNDERTHREADED Artists Thread
« on: February 25, 2009, 01:45:58 PM »

Ei.  :-D

After a while a long wait for our office’s reconnection, It’s nice to have a forum life – again.

I can’t find the appropriate Forum to post this, but since I have posted here in the past (where ears are more objective and open), I’d like to start this one on “underthreaded “ artists away from mainstream  - or ‘guilty pleasures’ thread  maybe - Theyre not that 'jazz' (maybe a few ding-ding-da-ding ride cymbals here and there for some) but hey - Chicago Transit Authority made it to Jazz and Blues Cafe, so why not?

Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, White  providing the blueprint for ‘prog-rock’ seems to be an understatement for me. The intricate orchestration has always been amazing, where every note never goes to waste.  Howe’s takes the obvious choice to veer away from the well trodden path of the ubergain-uberbent guitar. Squire disproves the myth that bass players don’t sing – he nail both chores – singing harmony and counter melody while playing very well. Perhaps, why this band has been overlooked yet endured remains the real blueprint.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: Uhm..Howe plays a Gibson Hollowbody?

Misty, 99 Miles from LA, Chances Are – this crooner holds his own and straddles the fine line between standards and other people’s songs, and his voice has its own unique timbre that never fails to awe.  The changes are enough to make any musician stay on his/her toes.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: With standards and latin music in his repertoire, no need to elaborate.

Love them or loathe them – I’d go for the first one.  Intense singing, technical playing, mini epics and lyrics ranging from Area 51 to baldness – all from three minds and 12 limbs makes it for me. Spin Magazine may rate them as Ultimate Suckers, but hey – try singing Spirit of Radio – while playing bass – and keyboards – and tap dancing on Taurus pedals while your laundry spins from behind.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: (Guitarist) Alex Lifeson pawns bossa nova and Stan Getz midsong at Rush Live in Rio.

They pound him for the hat he wore at you tube, but Torn pulls all stops from skronking strings to angular guitar – I only heard some of his stuff, but that seems enough to start me ranting about Mr. Torn with “The Others” and “Door X”. I have yet to hear his version of Voodoo Child and be blown some more.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: If Guitar Player Magazine calling Torn as the godfather of neofusion guitar isn't a connection, I don't know what is.

The voice where Kay of Jamiroquai and Levine of Maroon 5 steal from, and the one who continues to keep the songs king has eluded threads for sometime (I hope I’m wrong) : And yes, he plays drums and keyboards makes me think if we are the ones blind. Funk and rNb at its finest.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: George Benson doing Lately, neobossa covers of 'Overjoyed', 'You are the Sunshine of My Life', Jeff Beck's 'Superstitious'...

Karen and Richard did some really great pop during their time, and with help from other songwriters (Williams and Nichols, Leon Russel, etc.) – the lyrics and the melodies meld together into one voice as Karen. And the session musicians were killing (memorable solos – was that Tom Scott on ‘This Masquerade’?), telling stories within the span of 4 to 8 measures.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: Again, was that Tom Scott on the flute solo?


Did I miss this one? Did we miss this one?  Oh shame on us.
‘Nuff said.

JAZZ/BLUES CONNECTION: Alan Holdsworth's Eleanor Rigby. Period.


Soli Deo Gloria.