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my FRUITCAKE copy (book)...
« on: May 17, 2009, 07:58:00 AM »
i had one during my college days. nawala sa pauilit ulit naming paglipat ng bahay. and also, honestly, after the eheads days grew cold, nanlamig na ung pagmamahal ko sa kanila when i ventured into other music.

but when the eheads nostalgia hit me (this was way before the reunion concert rumors), i honestly lost a lot of sleep thinking how i could get me a copy (and get those tapes and CDs i lost too).

what i had to go through to get one? well believe it or not, here is the list:

1. i scoured the internet for it, hoping someone was selling. what i found was that i wasnt alone. a lot of people wanted to have it, some who have lost their copy like i did and some who have heard of it and wanted to score a copy too. *

2. found out that anvil was the publisher. so i wrote anvil an email and got no response whatsoever. tried calling always busy.

3. went to bookstores that sold ANVIL published books. the books have long been sold or was returned to anvil when removed from the inventory.

4. wrote national bookstore. believe it or not, after a few days, they did write back to me saying all Fruitcake copies have long been sold out.

5. *since i found people who wanted to have copies too, i took their contact numbers and emails and planned to collect signatures to coerce anvil to republish (which the did last dec08+).

all to no avail, i was disheartened. so i moved on to acquire original copies of their records.

i got tapes of Ultraelectomagnetictop, Circus, Cutterpillow and Fruitcake, complete with sleeves and all in playing condition!

i got CDs of the first 3 with stickerhappy and carbonstereoxide.

and although it was hopeless, i never stopped.

i posted in all forums looking still for the book. also, i went on to put the CDs on sale.

then one day, someone sent me a PM, someone who badly wanted to buy the carbonstereoxide. he too was a die hard fan and was missing this album to complete his CD collection. he too was a big mouth, bragging he had this and had that, just to top me in being a MORE die hard fan. to seal the win, (not that i was competing) he said ' i even have 2 copies of the book!', condescendingly, knowing i was looking for a copy.


He and his big mouth.

i refused to sell my carbonstereoxide CD no matter how much he offered. i said i would only trade it to one of his books and a cd copy of the fruitcake CD (i only had the tape, which i didnt wanna keep playing and the internet only had no more than 3 downloadable MP3s from the album, FRUITCAKE, TRIP TO JERUSALEM, SHADOW).

i now have the a copy. i almost cried (no exaggeration) when i took it from his hands. i read it from cover to cover. smelled the pages. stared at it in awe. finally, i said to myself.

of course, i dropped the signature thing. i got my copy already and i didnt wanna be the champion of those who still didnt. i just wanted to have one.

i dont know if my letter to anvil gave them an idea to republish. i didnt just write them a letter begging them to print again. i wrote to them a rough feasibility study on the matter. i guess they figured out they couldnt loose on this thing. so they did. i didnt agree with the changes though but i guess they had to cut costs.


+ anvil did publish the book again last dec08 but with a different colour on the cover art and newspaper pages. way different (in a bad way) than the elegant silverbell inspired motif and glossy paper material of the original.

the original sold before at P225 when it was first released. the copy in the photo recently sold for P2K plus on ebay. whoever sold it, if he.she was a true eheads fan will one day regret having done so.

the new ones, im not sure how much they sold it but i suppose it was limited because some are not sellling at ebay for P700.
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Re: my FRUITCAKE copy (book)...
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2009, 03:16:09 PM »
Mas maganda talaga 'yung orig na release. Kumusta naman kasi ang papel na ginamit. Pinagkaiba lang talaga may sulat si Ely sa likod. Tapos naalala ko, 'yung kaklase ko way back in 2006, may nabili siyang orig na Fruitcake sa isang National Bookstore sale section. 'Yung tipong nakabalagbag lang ang mga libro. Napulot lang niya sa halagang trenta peysows. Syet.
Ows? Di nga?