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Dr. Crowley's debut album "ROCK AND ROLL, HEART AND SOUL" available at all major ODYSSEY outlets in METRO Manila and CAVITE. Grab a copy now.

Dr. Crowley, one of Cavite’s distinguished and respected blues-rock disciples, is making a headway – on to the music scene. The band, who started out in 1998 with its four original members; Mikerock Caceres on guitars, John Paul Naval on drums, Waku Saunar on bass and Mighty Odoño on vocals and harmonica - all igniting the fire and continuously doing their passion for music. Initially, the quartet was playing cover songs from various musical genres until they realized they’re heading into the blues and rock n roll format. Since then, Dr. Crowley has been identified with the blues-rock crowd and this was further solidified when Gerrold Manianglung, a slide guitar enthusiast, joined the band in 2005. From then on Dr. Crowley carved their image and defined their sound like true blues-rock artists. Progressing as musicians, they began incorporating different musical ideas that would fit in the blues-rock context - Dr. Crowley Style. Their fertile creativity and penchant for stretching their tonal palette is evidenced when its latest addition, Otep Salvagon added his rhythmic flair to the band's rock-solid groove and designated as the group's percussionist in 2008. From 4 piece to 6 piece, the blues and rock n roll has been given a new level of treatment which is uniquely attributed to Dr. Crowley. Dr. Crowley’s main influences are: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cream, The Doors, Aerosmith and other classic rock artists. Individually, each band member has their own share of influences to bring along in the band which is very distinct when they are playing together. Although associated with blues-rock, Dr. Crowley’s music, particularly their original compositions, is not limited to a specific musical form. If you closely listen to their tunes, their versatility in sonwriting and melody-making is noticeable. Stomp your feet to the beat of “Barangay Tagay” and “Basagulero”; take a listen to the rock-a-billy style of “Arinola”; be inspired to the hard rockin’ “Bagyo”; feel the rhythm and soul of “Rock n Roll Heart and Soul”; get a load of the blues on “Yosi blues” and “Ngiti”; get high to the gospel-like sound, together with a choir of “Wind”; enjoy the fast blues-shuffle of “Swallow my Pride” and “Sulutan”; Soothe your senses to the romantic overtone of “Lambuchingan”; and be taken away to a castle on “My princess”. All songs were composed and written by Dr. Crowley under the tutelage of Gerry Diwa of Rebolusyon Records.


thanks for sharing this here.

Indeed, Dr. Crowley's debut CD "ROCK N ROLL HEART N SOUL" is not available at all Odyssey and MusicOne outlets in Metro Manila and Cavite.

12 original tracks that run the gamut of blues rock genre.

Released by indie label Rebolusyon Rekords.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sound Weavers Recording Studio.


pare, lufet ng album na ito...bluesy and smokin' hot.  ...ang galing..


rnr hns  :-D


Suportahan.Rock n Roll 8-)

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