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"tape to CTRL/Headphone"
« on: August 22, 2009, 03:38:34 AM »
im using a peavey pv6 mixer thats already 3 years old..
to tell you honestly I have never used this because I was able to buy an audio interface few days after i bought it. I decided to keep it instead...
just a question with the "tape to CTRL/Headphone" button on my mixer..
I used to own a older mixer and there's also a "tape to CTRL/Headphone" button.
by pressing the "tape to CTRL/Headphone" on my prev mixer the   is removed from the headphones.
but with the peavey PV6 its totally different i can still hear L/R mix on my mixer.
I already tried posting my concern on peavey forums but all i got was one reply.  And I was told that Peavey is already aware about this one and they can modify your mixer. I tried calling audiophile since they service peavey mixer.. they told me that they are not aware of it.. and its just normal to have a L/R mix  sound when button is pressed for "tape to CTRL/Headphone".
according to some post i just need to desolder something.   
but i dont know what to desolder.  :(