Author Topic: LIFETIME INCOME FOR MUSICIANS!:)  (Read 607 times)

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« on: October 09, 2009, 12:49:10 AM »
Hi guys, Daniel here from bass place!

Anyways, I have great news for you fellow musicians!!

I'm currently with BDO Bancassurance and I discovered that we have a product that gives the owner income FOR THE REST OF HIS/HER LIFE, TAX-FREE! As in until age 99!  I'm not kidding!  In fact, we already have some 8-year olds receiving pension now!

I brought this up because I felt that this would indeed be a big help to musicians here in the Philippines, especially to those who are planning to go full-time since there are really times when you either have a gig shortage, or just really want to rest after consecutive outings.

Imagine having allowance for the rest of your life, whether you gig or not!  :-)

If you're interested to hear what's it all about, txt me @ 09287130779 and I'll tell you where you can call me sa landline coz' I go around 3 BDO Branches and I cannot specify where exactly I am in a particular day kasi our clients (especially the VIPs) sometimes show up without prior notice.

Believe me brethren, there are NO strings attached here  :-)

Hope this has been of help!:) -Daniel

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