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URGENT (need by 5/30/2010):

Need 10 piece marching band for a theme park job in Beijing, Shanghai & Taiwan parks.
8 horns (I have 1 already) and 2 drums
6 month contract paying p24,000/month + all expenses paid ( housing, food allowance, transportation) are covered. The only things that will be yours to pay is the airfare and visa processing fees but we will cover that at first and it will just be deducted throughout the 6 months.
The performance is only 30 min - 1 hour per day (every day) and allows for part time/full time work on the side.
Passport (valid)
Age 21-40 only

Instruments: (Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, French Horn, Saxophone, Clarinet, Tuba)   Drums will be provided (1 snare / 1 bass drum) although in some cases horns can be provided.

Contract dates:
July 1st - Jan 1st

This gig is a 2 year long promotion so I will be booking 4 bands each to do 6 month contracts.  I am booking the bands as early as possible, so if someone is crazy and wants to play 2-3-4 contracts in a row, I CAN book you for 2 years solid if you want.  Better learn Chinese though :)
This is a great opportunity, I realize the money isnt huge but your not even working 1 hour per day, were just going to march around the theme park one big time each day with our 8 horns/ 2 drummers arrangement.
I will be conducting audition/rehearsal ASAP as soon as I get 10 people together.  The audition is not strict, the music will not be hard, and can be learned very easily by myself.  I do this marching band teaching full time.
Contact me ASAP:
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