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Joyo Gembox 3
« on: October 16, 2018, 10:40:36 PM »

Comprehensive effect
55 sound box pre-stage simulations based on fruit-like technology
9 effect types, 151 preset sounds.
Preset 26 phantoms and support loading of the English three-way IR sample file.
A total of 300 tone storage locations are included.
- The effect version can be adjusted at will, creating the sounds that belong to you.
Rich mouth, full of use scenes
The cool board function can be defined by the US, and the external station board can be used at the same time.
Supports USB AUDIO recording, PCI tone editing, and national upgrades.
(Windows system supports ASIO4ALL)
Support LOOPER recording ring
Support earphone output for silent sound practice.
Support for line audio input to AUX IN,
It has built-in machine function and pushes 40 drum machine pitch and 10 knots.
Sample information
IR file format : wav
Sample size: 24bit (supports 16/24/32 bit third party 1R files)
Sample sampling rate: 44.1kHz (supports full sampling, third-party IR input)
Sample length: 1024pts
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Re: Joyo Gembox 3
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wala ka na naman magawa?  :lol:
Sa pinipig, bukod sa pwede mo singhutin, pwede mo rin tikman.

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Re: Joyo Gembox 3
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