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Missing Oboe--please read!
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:32:08 PM »
Posting on behalf of a schoolmate:

"sorry, just an emergency. we lost an instrument (an oboe) that is really worth a fortune, plus other papers of our German guest at the UP College of Music. I need the help of as much people to share this. thank you so much.

Dear friends, we need your help. Our guest oboist from Germany, Christian Kemper, lost his bag at Jek's Kubo, Maginhawa St. Together with his bag is his oboe.

Brand: Rigoutat-expression model. With cert.of pro-tested from France. The oboe pieces, reeds, tools for making oboe reeds.

Other documents/items in his bag are:
*Peter Veale technique of oboe playing book.
*passport inside beige beltbag.
*Nikon camera
*Suunto watch
*bright yellow raincoat.
*a black bag.

All these inside a dark orange and black Deuter mountaineering bag. If you have any information please contact AJ Villanueva +639324490426, Ara Foronda +639327180634. Let's help Christian -- one musician to another! Spread the word!"

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