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jazz improv lessons
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I am Tim Lyddon. lyddon. Im offering jazz piano lessons . harmony, theory , improvisation on all instruments. Also group classes are available. I have played at major jazz clubs in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. I have studied with Jaki Byard, Harold Danko,Charlie Shoemake, Spud Murphy and Clare Fischer. I am a graduate of the Manhattan School of music.
Please call me at 09194257118
Syllabus  for jazz students of Tim Lyddon
Week:                                    Beginning jazz students

study of major scales, triads built from the scales. Easy standard piece application.
Introduction o the blues scale, improvising using blues with the 12 bar form
7th chords built from scales. Easy diatonic standards. Harmonic framework of pieces
Continuation of 1-3 in different keys. New pieces. Comping is introduced.
1-3 in another key. Improvising using scales and arpeggios. ii-v-I progression.
1-3 in other keys. Continuation of 5. Introduction to the cycle o fifths. Comping rhythms.
1-3 in new keys. Moving the 7thchords in the cycle of fifths.
1-3 in a new key. Other 7th chord inversions in the cycle.
9.-12. Continuation of previous materials , learning new pieces.

Intermediate jazz students

Review  of major scales, 7th chords. Application to standard pieces.
Chord voicings based on the diatonic scale. Cycle of 5ths exercises. Application to standards.
Rhythmic  styles in comping. More chord voicings, the blues.
More chord voicings. Application to standards. ii-v-i. harmonic framework of standards.
Chord voicings. ii v-i lines. More comping techniques. Standards applications.
Chromatic tones. 3-7 voicings with application.
Anatomy of a  jazz solo and its application to a standard piece.
Altered chords. The melodic minor scale.
Review  of all of the above. New standards for application
Comping with altered chords. The pentatonic scale
More altered chords through the cycle of fifths. Standard tune application
Review of 1-11 and new standard pieces for application.
Post  intermediate students for jazz piano and improvisation


Review of all chord voicings and altered scales, the bebop solo. The diminished scale.
The blues and substitute chords.
The tritone substitute chord.
Advanced use of the pentatonic scale
Chromatic passing tones and application to the bebop solo.
Chromatic chords
Quartal harmony
Pedal point with modal and free harmonys.
Application of the modes
Advanced bebop solos
Introductions and endings
Transposition and review of 1-11
Advanced  students


Review of post intermediate studies
Advanced bebop solos
Standard jazz compositions for repoitoire
Standard modal compositions for repoitoire
Advanced use of the pentatonic scale
Subdividing rhythms i.e 3 against 4
More polychords and their arpeggios for improvisation
Non chord tones, passing tones
Chromatic  tones  moving  in chords
Advanced chord progressions
Review of 1-11                                                    call             09194257118
Every week there will be attention to musicianship. Playing in time. Every week the student receives new pieces for application. The above is also applicable to improvisation on all instruments. So, I can also teach improv on any instrument. Thankyou

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