Author Topic: LF: new Bassist (Makati/Paranaque location) Post hardcore genre  (Read 498 times)

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Our bassist parted ways with us last week since he want to focus more on his job and skateboarding. Our band is looking for a new one. Our band already had numerous gigs and currently eyeing to finish our demo. We have our own recording studio at Makati courtesy of our drummer. So yeah it's our jam place but we go to other studios to practice too since we only have one amp at the studio. We actually need a new bassist ASAP. plus we have an upcoming gig on September 7 at Makati Cinema Square and so far it's the biggest event we'll play at plus it's a college party of Mapuan students. if we can find a bassist before the date we'll start to practice for the event it'll mean a lot to us but if we find one late maybe we'll just ask a sessionist. so please hit us as early as now!

* location: Paranaque or Makati. three of us are neighbors here at Paranaque our drummer lives in makati where our jam place is at.
* age 16-21
* we don't need a skilled bassist just an average player will do (di rin naman kame kasi magaling haha)
* 5pm onwards ang practice sa Makati. must be free atleast three times a week
* someone who could stick with us as long as possible, mababait naman kame e haha :)

Band Influences: (from Pop-punk to Posthardcore) Silverstein, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Typecast, A Day To Remember, All Time Low, Jejaview, Saosin and Bring Me The Horizon.

Here's our band page check us out: PS the guy on the left in our DP is our friend. there are only five of us minus the bassist.

Here's our demo:

TEXT ME: 09167714216