Author Topic: NEW RELEASE: 90's Laguna Hardcore crew BIOFEEDBACK on 7" EP (Vinyl)  (Read 908 times)

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The long - awaited, posthumous 7" from the much loved early 90's Philippine Hardcore crew BIOFEEDBACK.

Fresh copies had just arrived at the Mutilated Noise Records in Manila. Four (4) songs from the classic "Hard Times" tape, originally released by the very same label in 1994. So that makes it a 20th Year Anniversary!

This 4-song 7" EP are available in 3 marble colored vinyls.

Available in the Philippines for PHP250.00 only (postage not included).

E-mail: (individual copy) (bulk orders of 10 copies or more)

Get your own copies From  the following local D.I.Y.  Distro's & Shops :

Delusion of Terror Records Distro (
Still-Ill Distro
Middle Finger Shop - Recto, Manila
BeBop Records Makati
KonspiraZine Laguna
Crapsalad/IDB Bar Paranaque.

Please wait as we are working our ass out with other different DIY Distro's here in the Philippines & abroad so you can get your hands on the BIOFEEDBACK 7" E.P. very very soon!

More details here:

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Re: NEW RELEASE: 90's Laguna Hardcore crew BIOFEEDBACK on 7" EP (Vinyl)
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You can also send me a PM if you want to place an order. I can arrange a shipping at your expense.  :wink:
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