Author Topic: Electronic Gig at BSIDE Makati July 30, 2014 - "SYNESTHESIA"  (Read 462 times)

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Celebrate a night of lights, sounds, and senses as B-SIDE brings you “SYNESTHESIA”!
Experience all the fun and excitement at B-SIDE for only 200 pesos, and enjoy two free beers with unlimited performances from the country’s most talented indie artists.
Expect live set performances from ---

(1) Cat Valium
(2) Doorway Dolly
(3) Fdog13,
(4) For You Insidious,
(5) Switch,
(6) Goodbye Yesterday Hello Today, AND
(7) Dj Soulfax.

Invite your friends and mark JULY 30 on your calendars. No rules. No restrictions. Just Fun. Make your way to B-Side right after work and freshen up your tired souls. See you there!