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LEMONHEADS Live In Manila!
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The seminal alternative rock band that influenced an entire generation of musicians and songwriters is finally making its way to the Philippines! Formed by singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter Evan Dando with his Boston high school buddies, the band was catapulted into worldwide popularity via 1992's It's A Shame About Ray, which yielded pop-rock gems “Confetti,” “My Drug Buddy,” “Rudderless,” and title track “It’s a Shame About Ray”; Come on Feel The Lemonheads (1993), which produced arena-sing-along-inducing numbers “Into Your Arms,” “It’s About Time,” and “The Great Big No”; and Car Button Cloth (1996), which brought their legions of followers melodic-candy rockers “It’s All True,” “If I Could Talk I’d Tell You,” and “Hospital”). Evan Dando and his buddies were all over, touring heavily, appearing on Letterman and Leno, and generally being darlings of the indie-rock world.

Though the band eventually went on hiatus in 1997, they reformed in 2005 with a new record deal in tow with Vagrant Records, which released the eponymous The Lemonheads (2006) and the covers collection Varshons (2009). Over time, Dando has gone on more tours and even cut the occasional solo record. Flanked by amazing collaborators from The Descendents, Dinosaur Jr., Taking Back Sunday, and fan favorite Juliana Hatfield, among others, Dando’s band has never ceased to please, amaze, and even surprise. Most importantly, fans never stopped clamoring for more. Manila supporters for one, is in for a treat.

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