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A crowdsourcing event for the Wuds' upcoming album. Watch contemporary bands from the local scene pay tribute to the pioneering punk band with their own renditions of classic Wuds songs! 250php gets you in!

Here's the facebook event page:

From Alternatrip via Radio Republic

Not a lot of current gig-goers and contemporary indie music fans know who the Wuds are. Sure, some may recognize a few lines from “Inosente Lang ang Nagtataka” or “At Nakalimutan ang Diyos”, but the band typically isn’t brought up in modern conversations about historically significant acts in Philippine music history. At a time when nostalgia for past acts is at an all-time high, it’s a shame that one of the country’s punk pioneers remains under the radar. Maybe a re-introduction to this influential but seemingly forgotten band is needed.

Historically, one of the biggest movements in the local music scene was the Marcos-era punk movement, when most of the relevant music was less about unrequited love and more about pushing for socially-conscious idealism. One of most groundbreaking acts at the time was the Wuds – a three-piece punk band whose influence can still be felt three decades after they were formed. Consider this, Dong Abay, Raimund Marasigan, and Rico Blanco among countless other big names who helped shape the Philippine music landscape have professed their fandom for the band, with the latter two even collaborating on a Wuds cover.

Fast forward to 2014, and it’s been seventeen years since the Wuds released their last album, “Nakaupo sa Puso.” The pioneering punk band composed of Aji Adriano (drums), Alfred Guevara (bass), and Bobby Balingit (guitar) is back in the studio recording new material as the Wuds for the first time in years. A legion of fans, both old and new, patiently awaits.

To help fund the recording, promotion and distribution of the band’s new album, a number of outfits such as Kontra Kultura and THE Clothing are launching a series of crowdsourcing events, including th recent November 15 ‘Metamorphosis’ gig. Up-and-coming indie production outfit Alternatrip, in turn, is holding a fundraiser on November 29 at the legendary 70’s bistro with a number of bands from different cliques in the local music scene playing their own takes on timeless Wuds classics. The gig will be recorded live by Redverb Studio and the songs will be released as part of an all-Wuds covers compilation.

After more than thirty years, it’s finally our turn to give back to one of the pioneering bands that started it all. Take it as a tribute to the legendary band. Take it as a way of introducing the band to the new generation of discerning listeners – it is our responsibility. After all, inosente lang ang nagtataka.