Author Topic: (NOT A SHOWBAND!) Need a passionate Keys/synths player! (Experimental music)  (Read 285 times)

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Looking for the last piece.

We're a band that just started (Wala pa nga kameng band name eh), and we are serious in making new music.

We have 2 guitar players with gears (I'm one), a drummer, a bass player and 1vox.

Preferred namin may sariling gamit ka syempre pero pag wala, walang problema. Pondo ka na lng.

We are now working on one song, na mas magkakabuhay kung may additional sound pa.

Ambient/Heavy style kame pero still, whatever happens, happens!

As long as you love music like we do!

He'res my influences (A mix of different genres):

Deftones (White Pony album, one of the best)
Tool (Lateralus album, one of the best)
Isis (Panopticon album, one of the best)
Team Sleep
The Smashing Pumpkins
A Perfect Circle
Nine Inch Nails
Sigur Ros
Failure (Fantastic Planet album, one of the best)
Massive Attack (Mezzanine album, one of the best)
(Some Classics like Pink Floyd, Led Zep and Black Sabbath).
And many many more!!!!!

Gamayan stage pa lng kame, pero may potential!

So if you want to experiment on music, come help us!

We usually jam at Cubao Expo.

If interested, please contact me, 0926-658-7955, or email me at

Thank you so much and have a pleasant day!

"Tendrils extend from the cloudy black mass"