Author Topic: Looking for: OPM CDs, Cassette Tape,Vinyl & Michael Jackson,Madonna Items  (Read 1015 times)

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Hi Guys, Im looking for the following CDs/Album:

The youth album nawalang pamagat (first issue)
true faith (build, beyond doubt)
alamid (st)
tropical depression -kapayapaan
Tropical Depression- at aabot din tayo
Eraserheads-Fruitcake EP cd
Eraserheads-Bananatype EP Cd

or any opm cd

Im Also looking for Michael Jackson,Madonna, Lady Gaga promotional copy cd (any album) made in the Philippines or Cd single (made in the Philippines) or Cassette Tape single or promotional copy. (made in the Philippines)

I'm also looking for cassette tape opm, rock,metal, pop
And also looking for petshop boys cassette tape


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updated  :-D