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To buy or not to Buy
« on: April 21, 2016, 10:01:27 PM »
Mga bossing, I would just like to seek your professional opinion once again. Our church dont have an experience sound tech at the moment and we are having problems with this annoying feedback.

Our set up is 4 wireless mic and three wired mic which runs on a sound craft mixer > 31 band EQ > DBX Compressor limter > Electro Voice ZLX-15P Powered speakers.

Aside from mic positioning and proper eq, we're planning to buy a behringer Feedback destroyer Pro FBQ 2496 to solve the feedback problem.

The question now is this, is it a good decision to buy Feedback destroyer or we'll just try looking for the culprit frequency using the EQ. The problem is, none from among us has technical knowledge on how to zero-in on the offending frequency.

TIA and God bless PM.