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help po! speakers
« on: May 10, 2016, 07:21:56 PM »
PTPA: ask ko lang po pag saksak ko kasi ng speaker ( sa amp biglang umusok ano po kayang nangyare? may solusyon pa po kaya ito?

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Re: help po! speakers
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2016, 02:47:46 AM »
Need more info:
1.  This model is for stereo applications.  Were you using it for p.a.?
2.  Was it the speakers that got smoked or did it fry the amp/receiver?
3.  Did the item(s) get fried upon plugging the speakers to the amp or were the speakers getting a signal then got fried?

Possible causes: 
1.  crossed/frayed speaker wires -- did you terminate the speaker cable ends yourself (DIY) or did your purchase the cables commercially?  Any signs of damage to the cable, especially at terminal ends? -- likely cause of your problem.  This could also damage your amp.
2.  Assuming the cables are ok and the speakers were getting a signal then got fried, it could be a speaker impedance mismatch (overdriving an 8 ohm rated amp with speakers rated a 4 ohms total impedance).

Possible Solution:
Don't reuse the speaker cables until you test it with a multimeter.
     a.  Set the multimeter on the resistance setting and measure across the speaker.
     b.  A speaker rated at 9 ohms should read approx 6 ohms (DC resistance).
     c.  A 4 ohm rated speaker should read about 3 ohms.
     d.  Close to zero ohms reading means it's shorted. Very high or infinite ohms means it's open circuit.

Again, check your wiring. Sounds like the speaker cables are shorting somewhere. If the wires on the ends aren't tinned proper, a strand or two could be making contact with the jack/terminal, causing it to short across to the other.

Best of luck.
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