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Hereís what itís like to use a Windows 98 PC in 2017
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:41:07 AM »

Computers are much more advanced than they were even a few years ago, but of course we all like to complain about the dumb things they sometimes do. Itís easy to forget how clunky things used to be, though. Sometimes you have to remember where you came from to appreciate what you have, so one brave (and possibly foolish) YouTuber tried to use a late 90s PC running Windows 98 as a full-time machine. It works, but itís also broken in some interesting ways.

OldTech81 opted to use a computer from the Windows 98 era for that authentic retro experience. The device he settled on was a Compaq Armada E500 with 128MB of RAM, 12GB of hard drive space, and a 500MHz Pentium III CPU. This was a killer laptop when it came out in 2000, and it still has a leg-up on some modern machines. For example, thereís a built-in optical drive, a removable battery, and more ports than you have on a new MacBook Pro. Most of them are obsolete, but still.
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