Author Topic: You can now use a [sausage] pic as a password. Why, god? Why.  (Read 454 times)

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What if instead of using a password you could just use your penis?

CamSoda, the webcam platform, is proposing you do just that. They're launching a very intimate new way to keep your account secure. It's called [sausage]-ometrics, and as the name suggests it uses your peen print as a way to identify you. Okaaaaay.

Here's how it works: Beginning today, you’ll be able to use a pic of your [sausage] in place of a more traditional password. To do this, you’ll need to supply an establishing shot of your member. Then when you want to log in, they’ll use their “proprietary Penis Recognition Tech” to match your penis to the initial photo.

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Re: You can now use a [sausage] pic as a password. Why, god? Why.
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pano pag malamig tapos umigsi ang etits?

pano pag sa sobrang init lumawlaw ang itlog?

pano pag di nakapag shave at harang na harang ang etits?
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