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Nux Loop Core Deluxe
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Drum Rhythm of Loop Core Deluxe
Nothing feels better than playing guitar along realistic drum rhythms. The all new drum machine of Loop Core Deluxe comes with 40 different drum rhythms (30 groups are in 4/4, 10 in 3/4) covering different rhythm types including rock, pop, blues and jazz and much more.
Import or backing up your loop phrases.
Connect your Loop Core Deluxe to your PC/Mac via a mini-B USB to import loop phrases shared by others or backup your own creation. ONLY 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV files can be recognized by Loop Core Deluxe.)

Customized Control Pedal for ultimate experience
An easier way to switch in between loop phrases is now possible with the bundled NUX NMP-2 dual footswitch. Here is a good example: prepare the Verse, Chorus, and even Bridge into different memories. You could start from the Verse, while you want to go to Chorus, just use NMP-2 to switch to the Chorus bank even bridge bank.
Pro Features including: 

Stereo output
When using the stereo output, you can choose in-between 2 different operating scenes.

Frequency compensation & Cab Simulation
As a solution provider, we understand clearly that it’s urging to ensure you’ll get a proper tone eventually. Frequency compensation for drum and cab simulation is something we added to Loop Core Deluxe to ensure you’ll have a solution when you choose to use stereo output to a mixer.
True Bypass or Buffer Bypass?
We evaluate all customers’ feedbacks and needs, with switchable buffer bypass and true bypass option, the choice is all yours. As we firmly believe that many buffer bypass pedals can also do great things for your signal.  Our advice are use true bypass mode if you pedal board contains buffer bypass pedal, if not, go the opposite way.

Automatic Loop quantize.
Many users have realized the hidden features of Loop Core: Loop Auto Quantize. The loop quantize function on Loop Core Deluxe is even more powerful, by saying that I mean you won’t notice. Concentrate on your performance, enjoy music.

Sampling Rate

A/D converter

Signal Processing

Frequency response

Noise Level

Dynamic Range

Power Consumption
    65mA - 70mA


    Amplifier Out, Mixer Out (Cabin Simulated)

    LED & LED Segment Displays

    9V DC Negative Tip / 9V Battery

    122(L) x 72(W) x 47(H) mm


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