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Re: Help! Starting a guitar home recording rig
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Guys, hope it's not an offense if I unearthed a 2years+ old thread hehehe... Eto ung post ko nung 2018, halos kakabalik palang mag gitara and mag explore ulet ng kung ano ano...

Hello mga ka-PM! Starting 2018 with learning the ways of home recording. Well, sama mo na dn ung starting to play guitar again aftr a long hiatus.

Hindi ung tipong full band demo kind of recording. Maybe in the fututre? Who knows, pero for now, probably some overdubs or playthrough sa backing track. Although i did mga 7yrs ago pero it was using a GT-10, behringer audio interface and garage band. Im tryin this time a DAW recording, zero knowledge.

So to start, What do you use as audio interface? Read a lot about focusrite scarlett and mukhang ok. Pero inclined to listen to inputs as well.

So eto na naging development after nitong mga nakalipas na buwan/taon pag youyoutube at pagbabasa kung ano ano. Nung mga una backing tracks lang mostly overdub lang sa record. Now, I managed to put together a home recording ng full band cover ng isang song.

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