Author Topic: Nimbus Data's 100TB ExaDrive Is the World's Largest SSD  (Read 1737 times)

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Nimbus Data's 100TB ExaDrive Is the World's Largest SSD
« on: March 21, 2018, 01:33:26 AM »
 Nimus Data ExaDrive 100TB SSD
If you were impressed when Samsung last month announced it managed to cram 30 terabytes into a 2.5-inch SSD, prepare to have your mind blown right now.

A company called Nimbus Data just unveiled what it's calling the "world's largest solid state drive" the ExaDrive DC100, which offers 100TB of storage in a standard 3.5-inch, hard drive-sized form factor. To put this in perspective, the ExaDrive DC100 offers enough storage capacity for "20 million songs, 20,000 HD movies, or 2,000 iPhones worth of data in a device small enough to fit in your back pocket," Nimbus Data wrote in a news release.

On top of that, the ExaDrive DC100 promises to be super energy efficient, using just 0.1 watts per terabyte, or 85 percent less power than its closest competitor.
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