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Looking For Band Members
BAND THEME: World Music

Already existing members:

Kieran Musica - Vocals/Magick (Baguio/La Union)
Marc Belveder - Guitar/Vocals (Quezon City)
Brandon Soriano - Bass/Vocals (Quezon City)
Nyx Fernando - Lead Guitar

What we are looking for:

2 Percussionists (Djembe or Ashiko players)
1 Didjeridoo/Flute players
1 percussionist (Drum set player)
Or anyone with anything to contribute to World Music

Singer will be from Baguio/La Union area, but will travel to Manila weekly to commit to the group, so we expect
a committed member, also willing to relocate if not from Manila. This will be a career band, yes, we will make it into the music industry. We will play mostly original compositions, which we are about to make yet. =)
... Soon as we get the line up sorted, we will be having a meeting in QC.

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