Author Topic: LF: Lead Guitarist and Keyboardist (Independent Band) QC and Manila Area  (Read 239 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Kiel from the band Quartermoon. A Pop Rock / Alternative located in QC and Manila. We are looking for a Lead Guitarist and Keyboardist. We are looking for a serious members of the band who is really committed and no attitude problem. Who have goals to be part of the Music Industry. Who are passionate and have a sense of humor. =)

here are some of the infos:

Music Influence:

- Eraserheads
- Sugarfree
- Rivermaya
- Pupil
- Orange & Lemons
- The Itchyworms
And much more of OPM.

- The Beatles
- Oasis
- The Smiths
- The Cure
- Kiss
And much more.

For reference of our music, here are some of the links of our music videos freshly released.


Teka Lang:

Eilas (Live):

Kaibigan (Live):

Hoping one of you will be the part of the QM Family.

For those who are interested, you may contact me at:

0939 202 6856 (Smart)
0936 9448530 (Globe)


Facebook band page: