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Genuine Shure (Holographic Sticker)
« on: February 28, 2004, 06:03:01 PM »
This is to notify all consumers of Shure microphones to be aware of fake microphones bearing the Shure trademark and logo that is currently circulating in the country. These products are made to deceive and degrade the high quality and performance of the original Shure products intended for the consumer.

To deal with this, Shure Inc. and the exclusive local distributor Audiophile Components Inc. has issued a holographic sticker that will determine authenticity of certain models of microphone products that are currently manufactured illegally. This sticker ensures the consumer of the product’s quality and marks the product as certified original based on Shure’s high manufacturing standards.

This sticker can not be purchased or reproduced illegally. It is in accordance with Shure Inc. and Audiophile Components Inc. that these stickers are created for the control and to stop product piracy. We urge all consumers to stop buying fake and pirated products. The original is always the best. We request the public to report to us information on establishments selling fake Shure
microphone products.

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Genuine Shure (Holographic Sticker)
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