Author Topic: Toms/Floor tom heads advice and audio sample please  (Read 695 times)

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Toms/Floor tom heads advice and audio sample please
« on: March 27, 2007, 10:46:50 PM »
I have this old set for about a year now, I decided to change the heads. I got 12/13/16 Evans EC2 for the batter and G1 for the resonant side.

But, since Im planning to clean and repaint my kit, you see, I stripped the 12" tom its wrap, I changed my mind in using the new heads. I only use my snare and bass.

Now I put have put back the Floor tom's old heads, aquarian on the bater and my new G1 at the reso. But I am not satisfied with the sound. It rings and kinda high pitched. Examining, I recalled that Floor has an ebony pinstripe, so I removed the aquarian and used the ebony.

So far, I think I got it. Checked a few video from YOUTUBE. Sound is closer compared to the aquarian. This is where I need your help/advice. Am I correct that the ebony is better (for the floor tom) because its thicker and does not require muffling?

Do you thinks the Evans EC2 will be ok with my toms. Well as for the 12 and 13 I can feel it will be, but for the 16, I am in a bit of a doubt. You may say that I should just try it, but it will have stick marks then. I am planning to just sell it or trade it if majority will advice me not to.

Can you guys give me a link to serve as my reference for the sound that I should achieve for my toms? Rack and floor alike.

Thanks bors.. Happy drumming to all...