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MOdern drummer festival 2003
« on: April 16, 2007, 10:18:23 PM »
I borrowed a vcd copy of this. Its so awesome!!! Sana may ganito Philippines...

Undiscovered drummer under 18 - Forgot his name. Ang galing nya. Ang ganda ng taste nya. Medyo bitin 4 min solo lang ginawa nya

Hip Pickles - you gotta see these guys play. these guys could make anyone smile. 3 sila. They play for entertainment. Medyo mukhang circus act ung performance nila. They could beat all the marching band drumlines in the country if there are any.

Nathaniel Townsley - his performance was okay. He is also kinda good. Medyo awkward ung itsura nya.

Matt Wilson - Also good kaso di ko maappreciate. Parang country/jazz kasi ung tugtog nila

Steve Smith -  Mind blowing. Ngayon ko lang nakita tunay nyang galing. I think he can actually do anything on the drum kit

MIKE PORTNOY - The man of the night. His first performance was with his Beatles cover band Yellow Matter  Custard. Lupet ni Paul Gilbert!!! Agaw eksena c Gilbert eh. His 2nd performance was with Dream Theater, they played instrumedley. Makabaliktad ung drumset nya (facing the crowd)

Undiscovered drummer over 18 - medyo kabado 2. Pero his performance was satisfying. masmagling pa ung under 18

Drumbassadors - Holand. Awesome. Medyo boring ung 1st part ng solo nila eh

Nick D'Virgilio - GREAT!!!!

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