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Check out Sigh's newly uploaded song Drowned @
« on: October 29, 2004, 11:57:20 PM »

Talented Pinay Singer and Songwriter in New York USA
Name: Sigh Robes
Location: Long Island, New York USA

Sigh is a pinay singer and songwriter from Long Island, New York USA. Her influeces mostly come from the alternative pop rock bands out there. She likes to get a good mixture of fast and slow beats and make a different style of singing. She knows how to tear it up at a show while keeping fans of all genres pretty content.

Sigh Robes just recently uploaded a new song "Problems" and "Drowned". To hear Sigh Robes demo just simply visit her website at, after hearing her demo please let us know what you think about it.

You may sign up on Sigh's forum to discuss about
her song and other stuff you'd like to talk about.

Thanks for time visiting her website. If you have any questions just reply on this thread or email me at

JayR Castillo


My joyless dreams are lost each night

A tear-filled morning, a heartless sight

An abandoned soul, a rejected heart

Torn into pieces, just shredded apart


A million wishes, a million hopes

A million pleas to help me cope

A million teardrops trickling down

My only goal is now drowned drowned

Without direction, without a path

Without any courage, to repel your wrath

I now succumb to my tear-soaked pillow

Flogged by the fire, that ended so subtle

(Repeat Chorus)



For you are now gone

And will never return

To pick up the pieces

That you have left to burn

Burn.. burn.. burn..

I've drowned out

2004, Copyright, SIGH -