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Just finished my first Monte Allums mod and just want to share this with you. Successful mga bro! I ordered the BD-2 Mod from his website! This is a perfect and great sounding DIY pedal upgrade for the Boss BD-2! My next project will be the CS-3 Opto mod and the GE-7 mod. Check out his website:

Taken from the MOnte Allums website:

Boss BD-2 DIY Pedal Mod Kits - This has become one of my all-time favorite pedals. It's different than a Tube Screamer in that it is much more transparent and in my opinion more truly represents a driven tube amp. Straight from the factory the Boss Blues Driver tends to have a very harsh and buzz saw type gain. My BD-2 Mod transforms this pedal into a truly great sounding pedal pushing it into Boutique territory. When used at moderate to loud levels with an amp it is reminiscent of a Vintage Plexi Marshall with smooth round yet biting overdrive. This mod simply must be experienced and felt to be believed, it is that good! The Mods that I sell for this pedal push the Blues Driver into Hi-Fi territory! Over a period of months I tweaked this pedal into what I feel demonstrates exactly what it should have sounded like from the factory. I installed one Mod at a time immediately plugging the pedal up and taking notes along the way. I tried different values of resistors, capacitors and diodes. I tried Carbon Composition, Metal Film, Tantalum, Rectifier, LEDs, Germanium Diodes, etc. just to see what affect each one would have on the BD-2's tone. The Mods below are a result of that research and experimentation.

-Several Hi-Fi Mods--Smoother Gain Mod- -More Transparent Tone Mod--2nd Order Harmonics Mod--Tube Screamer Emulation Mod- -Solder- -Desoldering Braid- -Easy-to-Follow Instructions-

With this Kit you will receive a Tantalum 1uF Capacitor, three .1uF Metal Film Capacitors, two Boxed Metal Film Capacitors, one 2.2k ohm Carbon Film Resistor, three 1N4002 Rectifier Diodes, one 1N34A Germanium Diode, Solder and Desoldering Braid along with detailed easy-to-follow Mod Instructions.
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