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MONKS'HOOD: BOSS!!! KIDS??? ep review
« on: May 22, 2007, 04:27:54 PM »
Category: Music
Genre:  Hard Rock & Metal
Artist: Monks'hood
Reviewed by: Azriel "Silverdevil" of

Monks’hood has done it yet again! Their sophomore effort – Boss!! Kids?! is heavenly music to my oh-so-tired ears. They offer something new, something fresh – experimenting on vocals and their music. This EP sounds cleaner but somehow, more raw.

They seem to deviate a little from their first EP (Bad Condoms and Foul Smelling Sperms) but the overall effect is great. I can hear them maturing with their music.

This EP has six (6) tracks including an acoustic version of Cry for Freedom, a track which was also in their 1st EP. I was surprised when I saw that it was included in the new EP. Actually, more like disappointed because I am accustomed to hearing acoustic versions which doesn’t even level up to the original versions. So you could imagine my reaction when I finally heard the track. I can barely recognize the song! If not for the chorus, I wouldn’t have thought that it was the same song. The way the instruments were played, the way it was sung, even the way Jeyvi cut the lyrics were different. All I can say is, when Monks’hood experiments, I really have to expect quirky and better sounding results. If you don’t believe me, buy the EP! :)

Being a sucker for their “softer” tracks, I was immediately hooked to Ride of my Life. Well, let me change my adjective. The track is definitely not “soft!” It was sinfully sexy! What with the vocals and the music with wailing, groaning electric guitars, it’d be a track I’d recommend for, ehem, sleepovers – if you get my point.

Another commendable track is Jiwaga ng Mundo. It took one line to get my attention: “Lumayo ka! Lumayo ka sa aking harapan!” It’s been playing in my mind for the past few days and it’s one of those songs that I wouldn’t mind playing over and over. Coming from someone who hates LSS days, this is a big compliment. :)

Monks’hood has an aptitude for improvement. The band can, and will, reach greater heights. They’ve got the sound, the songwriting skills and a really humble attitude that would endear them to their listeners – me included. Keep up the good work, guys! You rock my socks off! ^,^

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